A slight imbalance.

So, apparently, I am a nasty bitch. Well, according to The Husband anyway, most other people who know me think I’m wonderful.
You see, these past 12 weeks of being pregnant with the new Womb Raider have been a little bit challenging, and The Husband has unfortunately borne the brunt of it.

Pregnancy can make even the calmest woman go completely insane (although truthfully I am a little closer to the insane side than most people to start with), and its a true test of a marriage if you can stay together through the crazy mood swings that will take over.
It’s worse than PMS. Much worse. I am not going to deny that right now I am like a Jekyll and Hyde wife from hell, and its showing no signs of letting up.
For instance, The Husband can ask a simple question and I may misinterpret his request ever so slightly. BOOM. I’ve gone mental and it’s hard to stop myself from grabbing him by the throat and ripping out his eyeballs. I feel fury like I’ve never felt before, and its actually difficult to stay centred and rational during every day life.
Everything will piss me off, but mostly everything and anything that The Husband says or does. Unfortunate.

The Husband: “Good morning gorgeous wife.”
Me: “Fuck you.”
The Husband: “Would you like some toast?”
Me: “Are you saying I’m fat? I’m pregnant you bastard!”
The Husband: “What shall we do for dinner?”
Me: “Oh right, so this is where you start critiquing what’s in the fridge and deciding we need takeaway, well I’m not bloody cooking ok? Make your own god damned dinner you tool. I’ll have toast.”

How do you explain to someone you love that you want to kill them? Is this even a reasonable thought to be having in the first place? Or do I have a screw loose? Wait….don’t answer that.

I’m hoping that soon this will pass because I’m kind of over being a crazy bitch. It should be fun but it’s not really, and I am sure The Husband could use a break. He’s going to have to conserve his energy as we still have 6 months left of this pregnancy before the fun really begins.

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  1. Alex says:

    I totally feel your pain! I don’t know if I was this bad with H, but my Mr tells me I’m the same 😐 less than 8 weeks of random bitch fits left for me! Hope you snap out of it soon :p

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