The Womb Raider 2: Return to the Temple of Womb.

I’m pregnant again. Holy shit!
This means another Womb Raider is on it’s way with a due date perilously close to the original Womb Raiders 2nd birthday. In fact, it’s due 2 days before!
Some might say this is very clever timing, pretty much bang on two years is quite a lucky coincidence wouldn’t you say? Others may argue that The Husband and I are completely insane timing this new Raider with the onset of the “Terrible Twos”.
Which brings me to thinking about timing. Can you ever pick the right time to have a baby? Honesty, if you think about it logically you’d probably never have any at all (and there is nothing wrong with that!). It’s a massive undertaking, and now I know it’s for the brave or insane.

Right now I have little brain power to worry about much at all. The early weeks of pregnancy for me are a haze of narcolepsy, extreme hunger and volatile mood swings which have left The Husband quite damaged. Let’s say I don’t breeze through pregnancy with grace and dignity…..

We’ve reached that 12 week milestone today which is always met with a sigh of relief.  We saw little legs kicking around and hands waving, it’s all pretty amazing what you can see at only 12 weeks gestation.

But I am still in shock.

The first time was different, I was oblivious to the reality of parenting and blissfully unaware of the changes motherhood would make to my life. For example privacy. A thing of the past! No more can I go to the toilet or even brush my hair without a little face peeking round the corner, sometimes even the dogs make an appearance. Hot meals and drinks are also a thing of the past, although to be fair that is getting a little bit better. But not for long…

Also different this time around has been the reactions of friends to the news. We’ve told a few people already, but only because the news broke right on NYE and it would have looked mighty obvious to my friends that I didn’t have a bucket of wine in my hand. Festive pregnancy is really not as fun as it sounds!

The first time around everyone was hideously excited, the second time? Not so much! It’s quite amusing to watch the diluted reactions.

It’s not unlike a friend announcing a holiday.

“I’m going to Fiji!”

Me: “AMAZING!! You really deserve it! You never have a holiday, fabulous news – enjoy yourself! I’m thrilled for you! Can I mind the dogs? Want to borrow my luggage? Oh my god I’ve got so much to tell you about Fiji, you are going to just LOVE it. Let’s go bikini shopping! YAY!”

Then two years later… “I’m going to Fiji again!”

Me: “Oh really? That’s great. Want some tea?”

Of course this new Womb Raider is very much wanted and already loved, but I am petrified of how I am going to cope with two. Maybe I need a trip to Fiji to let it all sink in a bit and make a game plan?

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The original Womb Raider checking out her competition.
The original Womb Raider checking out her competition.

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